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Welcome to the party!

Hello! I’m Renee and I love weddings. I’m a newly wed, girlpreneur and lover of top knots & coffee. I just planned my wedding  last year and had so much fun doing it that I want all brides to experience the same joy. Wiithyu is a web app that helps you plan your wedding better, faster  and with more fun. I’m so excited that you’re here and can’t wait to know you better as we plan your best day ever, together!

Manage Wedding Checklists

View, create and manage all of your wedding planning tasks. You don't need to shuffle through long email chains or group texts to find what you need. Access all of your wedding tasks, checklists, files, reminders, and more in real time, in one place. It’s quick and fun for the whole party!

Customize Wedding Templates

We’ve created task templates and custom event checklists that will help you stay organized and plan even better. Add, edit and use templates based on what you need and the uniqueness of your wedding.

Better, Faster Wedding Planning

Reduce clutter in your inbox. Our tagging feature keeps all comments and messages organized by task so that you and your planning party are up to date without searching for hidden details.

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